Proven Success On Hundreds Of Projects And Thousands Of Wells In Every Part Of The World.

Your well problem is our challenge. We believe in providing our customers with best possible solution to their challenges. Driven by passion, we have successfully, restored, intervened, or abandoned thousands of wells across the world. We have the experience, the knowledge, the equipment, and the passion to help ensure your project is completed safely and efficiently. Contact Us
The in house designed and manufactured ISS Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU), paired with the wealth of knowledge within the ISS organization, provides an unparalleled economic solution to all of your needs.
The ISS snubbing unit is a carbon copy of the ISS workover unit configured with snubbing slips for handling pipe light situations. Both planned snubbing and Well Control snubbing applications are specifically tailored to exceed customer expectations.
Hydraulic Workover is your first choice for platform well P&A’s. HWU’s have a extremely good track record on performing offshore P&As. Recent case histories have shown that a HWU is 5 times more affordable than using a jack-up drilling rig.
We believe in engineering for success. Our upfront engineering, designing, planning, safety analysis and programming are the keys to our success. Detailed job engineering with down hole expertise, combined with equipment engineering, is the ideal mix for providing tailored solutions for your well.
International Snubbing Services can provide the expertise needed for well intervention on your deep-water assets. ISS has successfully completed projects on TLP, Spar, Compliant Tower (BCT) and semi-submersible platforms.

How ISS Serves The Industry

International Snubbing Services' Hydraulic Workover Units (HWU) are recognized throughout the Global Oil and Gas Industry as the safest and most technologically advanced. All HWU specific equipment is engineered and manufactured internally and is backed by a comprehensive engineering and operations team, which facilitates every aspect of workover program design through to completion. Control is an element of business that ISS stands proud of; control of the standards we manufacture our equipment to, control of our well engineering and control of the standards we execute well work programs. This focus on quality sets us apart from the rest of the industry and positions us as the Global Leader in the services we offer you as our client.

ISS’ Hydraulic Workover Units are recognized as providing a realistic alternative to conventional derrick drilling / workover equipment. Due to the smaller footprint of our HWUs, as compared to conventional derrick rigs, we are able to minimize limitations in factors such as deck space, deck loading and crane capacity on our units. The modular design of our units affords us the ability to offer a wide variety of layout configurations.

ISS' HWUs are employed globally to perform workovers and are able to provide our clients with a greater range of well solutions. Outlined below are some of the general solutions we provide to our clients.

How ISS Creates Efficient Operations
(Efficient = Saving Costs)

Minimizing waiting on decisions by pre-job contingency planning
Minimizing NPT by preventive maintenance on critical equipment
Minimizing waiting on tools by careful planning and job preparation
Maximizing working time by fast skidding of HWU from well to well
Maximizing our safety performance by establishing a zero-incident safety culture
Efficient and correct downhole tool selection based on experience