150k (Quick Rig)

150k (QUICK RIG)

The ISS 150k and 150k Quick Rig stand alone snubbing units are designed and custom built to perform live or dead well operations on or offshore. The quick rig model which is land based is truck mounted and offers the customer an extremely quick rig up time for a fully equipped stand alone snubbing unit. These units are perfectly designed to work on: long horizontal wells, highly deviated wells where coil tubing is limited due to push or friction issues, through tubing work, and velocity strings predominately seen throughout the US Shale.

Ideal Usage For:

  • High Pressure Snubbing
  • Thru Tubing Well Intervention & Workovers
  • Pipe Sizes 3/4” to 3-1/2”
  • Velocity String Installations

150k Specifications

Data (Field)
Data (Metric)
Max. Pull Capacity:150,000 lbs
68 tons
Max. Push Capacity:
65,000 lbs
29 tons
Rotary Torque:
6,000 ft / lbs 8.100 Nm
10 ft
3.04 m
Through Bore:7-1/16"
179 mm
Slip Bowls:150,000 lbs68 tons
Gin Pole:8,000 lbs
3.6 tons
Unit Total Weight:+/- lbstons