Innovative Superior Solutions

Since 1982, ISS’ ownership and personnel have utilized technology and innovation to meet the changing needs of its clients and stay ahead of competition.

Some accomplishments that exemplify the ingenuity of ISS include:
  • Reduction of rig footprints for operation on the smallest of locations
  • Modification of rig components to increase capacities, not size
  • Redesign of rig sub bases and skid beams to operate with hydraulic equipment
  • Designed hydraulically driven, continuously operating rotary with increased torque capabilities
  • Automation of several hydraulic rig systems
  • Designed a lightweight top drive system to be used on hydraulic drilling rigs
  • Manufactured a derrick pipe racking system for rig components that easily configures with a variety of platform layouts

  • “From the crown to the ground — the best in the business”

    ISS’s slogan is all encompassing. It applies to all aspects of the business, including equipment, personnel, customers, management, and corporate philosophy. ISS is constantly striving to improve and up the standards of being the best. This takes a team effort between customer, personnel and management. The results are innovative, superior solutions to problems encountered in the market with improvement to the equipment and a closer, stronger working bond between the customer and ISS. This all adds up to ISS being the best in the business.
    100% Subsidiary
    Purchased and Operating
    Internationally Since 2007
    • ISS was formed in 1982 as an international workover company.
    • In 2001, ISS was acquired by Superior Energy Services. We have since continued to operate under the Superior umbrella as the ISS brand.
    • In 2007, BPC was acquired by ISS. They have since continued to operate under the BPC brand. ISS also operates internationally under the BPC brand of the organization.