Hydraulic Workover


Hydraulic Workover Is The Most Efficient Approach To Repairing Your Well Both Onshore And Offshore.

The in house designed and manufactured ISS Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) paired with the wealth of knowledge within the ISS organization provides an unparalleled economic solution to all of your needs. ISS is the trusted name for Hydraulic Workover Services. Contact ISS for a custom solution to all your well needs.

ISS Hydraulic Workover Services:

  • Completions | Recompletions
  • Plug Back Recompletions | Workovers
  • ESP Change-Outs
  • Well Deepening and Cleaning
  • Well Bore Cleanout
  • Casing Cutting - Pulling (up to 30”)
  • Plug & Abandonments (P&A)
  • Re-entry Plug & Abandonments (Section Milling)
  • Casing Leak Repair | Straddle Packer Installation
  • Fishing | Packer Milling
  • Plug Installation | Packers & Liners
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforation
  • Single or Dual String Tubing Changeouts
  • Advantages of Hydraulic
    Workover Services

  • Extremely Cost Efficient
  • Minimal Environmental Impact
  • Utilized Offshore and Onshore
  • Quick Mobilization / Demobilization
  • Well Control Experts
  • Minimal Equipment Weights (De-Rated Crane Friendly)
  • Equipment Specifically Designed for Small Platform Applications (Small Footprint)
  • ISS has Complete Confidence in Project Management