420k Hydraulic Drilling Unit


The reliable and flexible 420K HDU /HWO Unit has been designed for side track drilling and workover operations offshore. The 420k satisfies your need for high quality, safe and efficient operations.

The pipe is lifted by a cable /pulley system which is powered by three vertical positioned hydraulic cylinders. The rig is capable of racking “doubles”. The mast is self-erecting allowing the rig to work on small platforms with limited crane capacity. The sub-frame enables to skid the rig from well to well efficiently. The footprint of the rig is reduced by integrating tanks and other equipment in the sub frame of the rig.


Ideal Usage For :

  • Workovers & Recompletions
  • ESP Change-Outs
  • Well Deepening and Cleaning
  • Casing Cutting & Pulling
  • Plug & Abandonments (P&A)
  • Offshore & Onshore Work
  • Casing Leak Repair / Casing Straddles
  • Fishing & Packer Milling
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforations
  • Installation of Plugs Packers and Liners
  • High Pressure Snubbing

420k Specifications

Pull Capacity:
420,000 lbs
Push Capacity:
Rotary torque:
6,000 ft / lbs
28 ft
Through bore:
14” / 26”
Slip bowls:
Leighton 460k
Gin Pole:
50 000 lbs
Unit Total Weight:
+/- 300,000 lbs