The ISS snubbing unit is a carbon copy of the ISS workover unit configured with snubbing slips for handling pipe light situations. Both planned snubbing and Well Control snubbing applications are specifically tailored to exceed customer expectations.

Don’t risk harming your formation for routine tubing change outs or velocity string installation, let the ISS team Install the velocity string or change out your tubing without killing the well. The benefits of planned snubbing operations can be realized through performing well work without the risk of formation damage from using kill weight fluids both on land and offshore. ISS offers a quick rig configuration, designed specifically for high pressure land work, able to complete a velocity string installation from start to finish in 4 days or less. Contact ISS today for a quote on our quick rig package.

Regain control of a uncontrolled situation. ISS is familiar with responding quickly to customer well control needs. ISS has worked hand in hand with our sister company, Wild Well Control, for decades providing unsurpassed service to go along with an award winning safety record.


ISS well control specialists take pride in considering all possible well control scenarios when configuring BOP stacks to regain control of an uncontrolled situation. Blowouts are situations that require a quick response from an experienced team of well control professionals. Contact ISS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your well control needs.

Snubbing Applications:

  • Coil Tubing | Wireline Fishing
  • Tubing Clean-Outs (Sand / Paraffin / Barium / Asphaltene Removal)
  • Thru Tubing Fishing | Milling
  • Damaged / Leaking Completion Repair
  • Casing Leak Remediation | Straddle Packer Installation
  • Installation & Removal of Frac-Strings
  • Packer & Plug Fishing | Milling
  • Installation of Plugs, Packers, and Liners
  • Lost Circulation
  • Velocity String Installation
  • Perforation
  • Live Well Completions, Re-Completions, & Workovers