460k (Stand Alone)


The ISS 340k, 460k & 600k stand alone snubbing units are designed and custom built to perform live or dead well interventions. They have capabilities to run tubing from 2-3/8″ to 10-3/4″ and have 22,000 ft/lbs rotaries that allow them to take on tasks unheard of in the snubbing industry such as drilling, milling out windows for side tracks and side tracking. Stand Alone Snubbing or Hydraulic Workover units are a safe and cost efficient alternative to conventional workover rigs. Cost savings are directly realized through the quick rig up/down & MOB/De-MOB times. In most cases, ISS can workover a well, turn the well back over to production, and De-Mob before a large scale conventional workover rig can even be rigged up on a typical offshore installation.

460k rig

Ideal Usage For :

  • Workovers & Recompletions
  • ESP Change-Outs
  • Well Deepening and Cleaning
  • Casing Cutting & Pulling
  • Plug & Abandonments (P&A)
  • Offshore & Onshore Work
  • Casing Leak Repair / Casing Straddles
  • Fishing & Packer Milling
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforations
  • Installation of Plugs Packers and Liners
  • High Pressure Snubbing

460k Specifications

Max. Pull Capacity:
460,000 lbs
Max. Push Capacity:
210,000 lbs
Rotary Torque:
22,000 ft / lbs @ 60-80 rpm
11,000 ft / lbs @ 120 rpm
5,500 ft / lbs @ 180-200 rpm
10 ft
Through bore:
14 in
Slip bowls:460,000 lbs
Gin Pole Rating:10,000 lbs
Unit total weight:
+/- 56,000 lbs