International Snubbing Services (ISS) is a performance-driven Company whose systematic approach to HSEQ management highlights our greatest responsibilities, the health and safety of our employees and protection of the environment. The Company’s focus on health and safety is every employee’s responsibility and is more than a priority, it is a deeply held shared core value of the Company. In order to maintain this standard, we are committed to demonstrating visible leadership, care and concern for our people and respect for the environment and have implemented robust Global HSEQ Expectations and HSEQ Management Systems to help drive a culture of excellence throughout the Company.

All Company personnel are empowered with “Stop Work Authority” and are obligated to use such authority whenever a situation arises that they consider to be unsafe, or that could put people or the environment at risk. Nothing we do is so important that it cannot be done safely.

International Snubbing Services
The Company’s integrated HSEQ approach, which includes Global HSEQ Expectations and HSEQ Management Systems represents our commitment to achieving and maintaining a high level of HSEQ performance standards. Some of the requirements contained in these standards include:
• Developing and nurturing a culture which supports full implementation of the Company’s HSEQ standards
• Providing training and resources for employees in HSEQ, and job-specific skills and knowledge
• Ensuring proper incident reporting and notifications
• Training employees in and promoting our behavior-based safety programs
• Performing regular HSEQ reviews, evaluations and inspections, and providing feedback to Company management
• Minimizing our impact on the environment through pollution prevention, waste management, water and energy efficiency, and effective use of raw materials
• Complying with and adhering to applicable HSEQ regulations and local, state/provincial, federal and/or international laws
• Implementing documented processes focused on ensuring the quality of our management systems, products and services appropriate to the business environment
• Working toward continual improvement of safety and environmental performance by setting attainable objectives and targets
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Quality In Everything We Do!

International Snubbing Services (ISS) is committed to quality excellence and strives to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed our client expectations and needs every time.

We have developed and implemented a quality management system that assists us to minimize the risk of quality related incidents. Our quality management system is certified and regularly reviewed to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This certification ensures that we continually improve our quality system and validates our practices of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and the capacity to manage risks associated with our business activities.

You can be assured that our quality will not be compromised and that customer service is of critical importance.

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