Straddle Recovery



The well is a gas producer with a deviation of 48° that was completed with 5" completion in 1985. It had ceased production due to a sand plug on top of the straddle in the well. The primary objective was to retrieve the straddle without killing the well on the formation, set a plug in the tail pipe and replace the leaking Cr-13 completion.


The well side is located in an environmentally-sensitive part of a protected dune area. The use of the HWO unit will have a major impact on how operations affect the local environment:
  • Significant reduction in trucking operations to rig up and rig down the HWO unit compared to a normal drilling unit
  • Reduced visibility of the HWO unit (no derrick structure)
  • Lower noise level than a normal drilling unit

Planned Execution

  • Successfully retrieved the straddle
  • Completion recovery and packer milling successfully carried out
  • Compliments from nearby residents on minimal disturbance
  • Well is producing as expected