Safety Is JOB ONE!

Safety is a critical element of ISS’ operations and is JOB NUMBER ONE. No job will be done if it cannot be done safely. ISS is under the Target Zero initiative, which outlines our determined goal of achieving Zero Incidents. Our robust management system outlines numerous safety guidelines and regulations based on best industry practices. This management system is the heart of our safety practices guiding us to Zero. We truly believe that Target Zero can be achieved and continue to strive for Zero every day.

All ISS Personnel have taken ownership of the Virtues and are fully versed in the use of the ISS Hazard Management Tools in their daily work: Hazard Hunts, JSEA’s, Hazard and Risk Assessments, Take 5, BBS program and Near Miss reporting. It is these types of skills that help ISS beat the industry standard TRIR on a yearly basis. We take great pride in our employees and giving them the tools to do their job safely every time. However, we understand that unforeseen hazards can occur, making stop work authority mandatory when they arise. We hold everyone responsible for the entire safety of each project and require participation in things like drills, meetings, JSA’s inspections, rig audits and BBS program.

Quality In Everything We Do!

ISS takes great pride in the quality of our equipment and our service execution at your wellsite. ISS’ quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our system ensures that our equipment, third party providers, and service execution meets your standards each and every time. In conjunction with our 9001:2015 quality management system, we utilize web based asset management and maintenance systems to ensure compliance with the strictest regulations and customer standards.

ISS’ equipment is the best in the business. Meeting our quality objectives ensure we stay in the driver’s seat. In 2016, ISS initiated a new Quality System that delivers real-time internet based equipment information. The new system ensures that certifications and inspections are done in a timely fashion and according to specifications. ISS is committed to delivering a quality product that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Internal Auditing Protocols

We do not expect what we are not willing to inspect. ISS has an internal Auditing Protocol which involves everyone, all the way to the President, with an outlined agenda from documentation to execution. Additionally, our Target Zero Management System is audited on an annual basis to include gap assessing against regulations when needed.