225k (Quick Rig)

225k (QUICK RIG)

Fast, reliable and safe best describe the 225K Snubbing Unit’s key benefits. The compact design is ideally suited for moving quickly from site to site. Its rapid rig up time make it a very efficient option. Easily rigged up in two lifts, this versatile snubbing unit is ideal for onshore applications and is extremely well suited for through tubing live well work such as, wireline, coil tubing fishing, velocity strings and well clean-outs.

The practical slim line design of the jack has resulted in faster jack speed, increasing the trip time, ensuring less time is spent on the well. This is significant, as it reduces cost to our customers. A Special Annular BOP window enables quick annular rubber change-outs without the need of rigging down the unit.

Ideal Usage For :

  • High Pressure Snubbing
  • Coiled Tubing Fishing
  • Frac Plug Millouts
  • Velocity String Installations
  • Multi Well Pads
  • Pipe Size 1-1/2” to 3-1/2”

225k Specifications

Data (Field)
Data (Metric)
Unit total weight
57 000 lbs
26 ton
Max. pull capacity:
225,000 lbs
100 ton
Snub Capacity110,000 lbs
Max. push capacity:
90,000 lbs
40 ton
Rotary torque:
6,000 ft. lbs @ 140 RPM
8.000 Nm @ 140 RPM
10 ft.
3 m.
Through bore:
11 1/8" (Snubbing)
11 1/8” (HWO)
283 mm. (Snubbing)
283 mm. (HWO)
55' Hydraulic Gin Pole:
(HD Tong Pole)
2 x 3,000 lbs
1 x 8,000 lbs main winch
2 x 1,3 ton
1 x 3,5 ton (main winch)
Surface Pressure Capacity:20,000 psi
Work Window:6' or 10' with Work Basket